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Term & Condition

How you celebrate your Hari Raya Puasa? As Covid-19 is still raging, Timoti giving you a memorable hari raya, how? Follow me step by step ...

1. Like + follow

2. Limited a photo per participant.

3. Maximum 10 persons in a photo.

4. Must tag all your friends who inside the photo.

5. Create your Favourite Raya photo with Timoti sticker (MUST) and you may also use the sticker of Hari Raya to decorate the photo. (based on your creativity) 

6. Upload the photo to your personal Facebook PUBLIC account and

7. The ones with the most “likes” will be our Timoti winners.

8. The winners will be announced on 05/05/2021.

# The gifts will be given based on the people in the photo.

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Hari Raya Give Away

Give Away

As last year is Covid-19 year and has some trouble celebrating Hari Raya. So, Timoti held an activity of “Favourite Raya Photo”.

Choose your last year favourite Raya Photo and decorate it with Timoti Sticker, then upload to your Facebook!

You can check out our post on Facebook!

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how to use the sticker

1. Download the sticker posted by Timoti on Facebook.

2. Suggest downloading either one app to add the sticker to your photo. (apps suggestion: Meitu, PhotoGrid, Wecut, Canva and other)

selection of winners

To join the contest simply use the apps that we suggest and edit the photo, first top 3 winners with the most like of their photo will win away as much as gifts based on the people that have in the photo. The contest will start from 21/4/2021 – 3/5/2021, jom please invite your friends & family to join our Raya Contest!

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Sticker Must Use

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