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History of Bulgarian Rose

Of the 7,000 varieties of roses worldwide, only a few are used for producing high-quality

water and oil. Since the days of the Roman Empire, the Bulgarian rose has been recognized as the finest and most exquisite rose in the world with a long list of health and beauty benefits.

Sourced directly from a distiller whose plantations are located in the Kasanlak region in Southern Bulgaria, the area is known as the Bulgarian Rose Valley. Its climate offers mild winters, long springs, high humidity, ideal temperature and sunlight and is ideal for the cultivation of the Bulgarian Rose.

Benefits of me

The benefits of rose water in skin care goes back centuries, way before grandma’s days. In cleansers it’s used to help remove oil and dirt that accumulate and clog pores. Its astringent-like properties make it ideal for use in a toner. It has emollient properties for moisturizing dry skin and anti-inflammatory properties for soothing and calming red and sensitive skin.

The subtle rose fragrance is as close to nature as you can get. Not a sickeningly sweet synthetic fragrance, but the aroma instead gently refreshes and invigorates the soul. I love to spritz with our Rose Hydrating Toner & Mist for invigorating pick-me-ups or to calm a busy mind any time of the day or night.

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