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Peppy Zippy Rose Serum

TIMOTI Peppy Zippy Rose Serum is a product that certified by Korea Food and Drug Administration which also known as KFDA. This product follow the strict requirements of the Medical Devices Act. This product is made out of two main ingredients which is the Therapeutic Bulgarian Rose and Camellian Oil. These ingredients help to prevent skin dryness, moisturize our skin, soothing and calm the skin. Serum can be quickly absorbed into the skin and keeps the skin moisturized and fresh from the inside without greasiness.

RM 190.00

Product Overview

Peppy Zippy Rose Serum

It's a hydration serum presenting clear skin complexion while improving your skin texture softly with power of vital Rose.

Main Features:

  • Rejuvenate, stimulating and harmonizing

  • Improve skin elasticity

  • Brightening skin

  • Hydrate and moisturize skin

  • Soothing and calming effect


Main Ingredient:

  • Rose Damascene Flower Water (70% Bulgaria Rose)

  • Rose Flower Oil

  • Camellia Oil

  • Rose Canina Fruit Oil

  • Purified Water


1.  After cleansing your face, pump 1-2 times of Timoti Peppy Zippy Rose Serum on your hand.

2. Apply the product evenly on the skin.

3. Pat your face lightly for better absorption. Product can be applying on day and night time.

Skin Type:

All Skin Types

Net wt: : 50ml/1.69 fl.oz


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